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Data Warehouse Solution Architect

Data warehouse solution architect is responsible for designing data warehouse solutions and working with technologies of data warehouse to get a plan that supports a business or organisation with better output. Furthermore, clients needs are always given first importance or the employer goals and work to get a specific type of architectural process that will be maintained, developed to the necessity of the organisation. Most of the data warehouses use a common methodology called ETL- extract, transform and load. Basically, the data warehouse architect will maintain systems for handling raw data, meta data and other data assets secured and accessible within a greater IT infrastructure. Furthermore, these architectures will support activities like data mining and data processing that can add huge value. 

The Data warehousing Solution Architect course is meant for someone who wants to understand the fundamentals of DW and various architectural pieces around it and eventually become a part of the big data revolution. Also, this course gives understanding of the subject to beginner and would learn the following:

  • Business Challenge?
  • Need for Business Intelligence
  • Define Data warehouse
  • Industry Using Data warehousing
  • Typical BI environment
  • ODS, Data Marts
  • ETL
  • What’s the Buzz word
  • What are 4 V’s
  • Understand Big Data in BI terms
  • What is Hadoop
  • Hadoop in DW world
  • Example – Architecture
  • Types of NoSQL DB’s
  • Major BI Vendors
  • Facts, Dimensions, SCD
  • Surrogate Keys, Fact less-Fact
  • Ralph Kimball
  • Case Studies
  • Snow Flake
  • Bus Architecture
  • Sample Data Models
  • 3rd Normal Form
  • CIF Architecture
  • Sample Data Models
  • Teradata
  • Netezza
  • Exadata and so on.


With emerging technologies like the Internet of things (IOT) and big data analysis, the need for data warehousing is continuously increasing. Furthermore, this brings a need for data warehouse solution architect. Every second there is a huge amount of data being produced and is hard to store. Also, data warehousing plays a huge role in coming up years and should be given importance.

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